Welcome to Chippenham Garden & Allotment Society

Chippenham Garden & Allotment Society currently manage six allotment sites around the town for the Chippenham Town Council.  The society organises events and outings and is run by the members for the members! Check out our Dates for your Diary page. For interesting gardening events and talks also make sure to regularly visit our Local events page.

Our current committee consists of:

President – David PowellP1010427
Chairman – David Lenihan
Treasurer – Peter Roberts
Secretary – Frances Pullin
Waiting List/Membership Secretary – Maggie Warburton and Lyn Holyoake
Website Management – Teodora Yankova
Facebook Champion – Heather Hirons 
General Committee – Peter Bragg

Please note that all the wardens of the sites are also members of the committee. A list can be found on the Sites page.

We are looking for warden(s) for our Crickets Lane site. Please contact us to find out more.

The Society need people of all ages to come on board and take part in the running of the organisation. If you would like to help please make yourself known to your warden or contact us.


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