Welcome to Chippenham Garden & Allotment Society

Chippenham Garden & Allotment Society manages six allotment sites around the town on behalf of Chippenham Town Council.

Committee Members
President – David Powell

Chairperson – Mo Thomas

Treasurer – Claire Cocks

Secretary – Frances Pullin

Waiting List/Membership Secretary – Peter King

Website Editor – Chris Bonsor

Facebook Editor – Amelia Chilcott

Newsletter Editor  –   Sarah Rendell

Please note that all site wardens are also committee members, a list can be found on the Sites page.


Any waste material should either be composted on your allotment or removed from the site. This MUST NOT be left at the end of your allotment or dumped anywhere on site. Bonfires are not permitted on plots.
There have recently been issues where the build up of waste material has created problems in allowing water to flow. Additionally, waste material has also provided a home for vermin.


We have had several reports of birds becoming trapped in netting on allotment sites. Please do regular visual checks of your nets to make sure they are well secure with no openings.

15 thoughts on “Welcome to Chippenham Garden & Allotment Society

  1. Hi, we are a Chippenham primary school needing help to put up a 12×15 ft polytunnel. Would you have anyone willing or able to help?


    • I live in the Fairways and have a large balcony which due to bad arthritis I am no longer able to look after the numerous pots I have. I have always been a keen gardener and before coming here belonged to Five Valley garden club for many years. I am just looking for some one to give me a hour a week and I am quite willing to pay


  2. I have numerous guinea pigs and on a weekly basis have bags of waste which may be of use to help boost your compost heap. I can separate the shavings from the bedding which will consist of hay, sometimes a tiny amount of barley straw , any greens not eaten ie carrots, kale etc and most importantly lots of pig poo which is in pellet form .i am just off the Malmesbury Road and it is available weekly . If shavings are wanted as well the quantity will be 12 extra large black refuse bags weekly .
    It’s currently taken to the recycling centre but I’d rather it be recycled


  3. We have lots of sheets of wool insulation from food delivery boxes. We’ve used it for cat beds, bird nesting material and around seedlings but have still developed a stockpile!
    We also have lots of spare soil if anyone wants to bring a bag and fill up.
    If you’re interested in either, please get in touch. We’re in central Chippenham.


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