Finish preparing the ground

It is almost time to start growing all sorts, so use this time to finish preparing the ground. The weather is quite mild, so enjoy the sunshine! I am finishing off digging, adding compost and manure and even preparing the potato holes.

Make a sowing plan

Make a sowing plan with dates of what you want to grow when. It is not so much that you would need to following specifically but it is more so that you remember all the things you want to sow and roughly when. I forgot to sow parsnips until May last year! They still turned out ok but would have preferred them a bit sooner.

Sow flowers

Some flowers can be started in February. I have some french marigolds going. They are really pretty and can be used to deter insects away from your veg.

Sow onion sets

You can sow some more onion sets to be used as spring onions in May or to harvest for storage later in the season.