Seed orders have arrived

If you have ordered your seeds through the Society, you can expect a call regarding when you can collect your seed order. I have just received mine and am collecting on Saturday!

Plant overwintering onion sets

Wilkos have released their seed potatoes and onion sets, so I went there and picked up a large bag of onion sets (500g – must be at least a couple of hundred bulbs) for £1.50. Checking the weather, it seems mild for the next couple of weeks so already planted about a quarter of the bag.  I think the correct time to be planting them might be February/March but seeing as how mild it is, I think it is worth giving them a go for an early spring, spring onions or giving them longer to mature into bulbs for July/August.

For a continuous supply of spring onions, plant a few sets every 2-3 weeks. This is a tip I got from the Warden at the Deansway site as I could never get the spring onion seeds to germinate so seeing how cheap sets are, it is a much surer way of growing them. The bonus you get is if you plant too many, you can just let them mature into large bulbs and store in the summer for use throughout the year.

Plant garlic

You can start off garlic in modules to give it a chance to grow roots before transplanting in the ground in a few weeks. This should give help being able to harvest the garlic earlier and ensure it is exposed to plenty of frosts (to help form cloves).

Sow onion and leek seeds

Now is also a good time to sow onion and leek seeds.

Sow aubergine seeds

Sow aubergine seeds indoors to give them the longest growing season possible. Be sure to provide them with plenty of light.