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We were delighted to receive a good deal of interest in the DT Brown seed catalogue last year so have arranged a supply again this time. If you would like a catalogue, we will be at some of our allotment sites on Saturday, 29th October so please come along and collect one, details as follows:

Lordsmead        –     9.30am to 9.50am

Hardenhuish      –   10.00am to 10.20am

Cricketts Lane    –   10.35am to 11.00am

Please come along to whichever location suits you best. If you are unable to collect a catalogue in person/by delegated person then please collect one from our Treasurer (in a box at 21 Lords Mead, Chippenham SN14 0LJ).  Alternatively, please be in touch and we will try to get one to you by another means. Information on the offer is as follows:

DT Brown will offer our allotment society a 50% discount on seeds

Please note that if you wish to order non-seed items (eg. sweet potatoes, onions, potatoes) you need to do this directly with the company, details are given in their catalogue.

Our account number, which you need to show on your order form, is 5313194.

Please include our Treasurer’s address (21 Lords Mead, Chippenham SN14 0LJ) or your address together with your telephone number and email address so Browns can contact you direct if there is a query about your order.

On the order form, please show the catalogue prices then the total value at the catalogue price, then the sub total including P&P (£1.95).

For our benefit, and on a separate piece of paper, please show your discount calculations, ie. add up the cost of seeds (value as at catalogue price), deduct the 50% discount, then add the £1.95 P&P.  

Payment should be made by BACS (Chippenham Garden and Allotment Society, account number 03334392, sort code 52–21–30), please use your name and ‘-seeds’ as reference so we can identify your payment.  Alternatively by cheque made payable to ‘Chippenham Gardens and Allotment Society’. 

Please keep the green form, for your records, and return the white and blue order forms to Claire Cocks, Treasurer, 21 Lords Mead, Chippenham SN14 0LJ.

Please let us have your order by 15th November latest, so we can then forward this to DT Brown.  We would expect to receive delivery of seeds in the second half of January 2023 and will contact you then so you can collect your individually packaged seed order.

We look forward to seeing you on the 29th!

Posted 24th October 2022


Thank you to everyone who took part in the competition and congratulations to all our winners.

Scroll down for more photos…

Novice Winner – Alistair Mathewson (Hardenhuish) Runner up – Rachel Stevens (Ladyfield)

Intermediate Winner – Katherine Walsh (Lords Mead)

Expert Winner – Roger Proctor (Hardenhuish)

Special Award – Russ Fletcher (Cricketts lane) For turning what had been a very poorly maintained plot, with a lot of challenges, into a productive area with a great variety of flowers, vegetables and features for all the family to enjoy.

The Seamac Challenge Trophy for best score overall – Roger Proctor

The Cecil Drewett Memorial Cup for highest score at Lordsmead – Katherine Walsh

Wardens’ Choice Awards

Ashley and Steve Windebank-Brooks (Hungerdown Lane) – Since taking on the plot as recently as April, Ashley and Steve have done a wonderful job in their first year at the allotment

Mrs Scammel (Deansway) – Best plot for overall quality of produce; a clean and tidy allotment achieved through a difficult summer

Fiona and Andrew McRait (Deansway) – They took on a horrendous plot at the beginning of season and, through hard work, they have achieved wonders.  A well maintained allotment with a good range and quantity of vegetables. 

Naomi Alford (Hardenhuish) – A new tenant this year who has made really good progress, has a variety of crops growing and is looking after the allotment well.

Chija Gurung (Hardenhuish) – An established tenant who always has a well maintained plot with a good selection of crops.  These tenants are always willing to lend a helping hand to others.

Kamala Weaver (Cricketts Lane) – Karmala has made considerable efforts to eliminate knee high weeds and turn the plot into a productive area which is now producing a good range of fruit and vegetables.

Mark Collins (Cricketts Lane) – When Mark took over the plot it was in an awful mess with uneven, uncut paths, weeds everywhere and a large mound of rubbish at the end of the plot that was full of bindweed. It is now well looked after and a credit to the hard work Mark and his partner have put into the allotment. 

Rachel Stevens (Ladyfield) – An attractive and productive allotment.  Rachel is a great neighbour to everyone and the first to help others if they are struggling.  She shares her seeds, etc, if she has too many and even strims her neighbours’ plots!!


Sunday, 5th June 2022

Huge thank you to everyone who attended the Allotment Society Jubilee party on the 6th June. A special thank you to all those who took the photos below, if anyone has more to share please send them to this email. For more up to the minute news please don’t forget to join our Facebook here!


We aim to bring together members of the Society to share the latest news updates from the committee and wardens and to help each other in all aspects of gardening. It will be a group chat for like minded people, including those who require help or advice and those who want to share their progress and inspire others. Join the new group here.

Posted 29th March 2022


There is a local food support initiative at St Peter’s Church, Lords Mead, called Foodbox where they support people in need with food supplies. They are happy to receive fruit and vegetable donations from allotments. Please leave any produce at the church (just leave inside the door) or the vicarage.

Posted 19th July 2021


Whilst allotment holders are presently welcome to bring their dogs onto site, please ensure they are kept on a lead at all time and faeces are picked up and disposed of in an appropriate manner.
There have been several reports recently about dogs running loose on the allotments.  This can be concerning and upsetting to plot holders; dogs may dig up plants, prepared ground and deposit faeces.

Posted 19th July 2021


We have been sent this lovely photo of one of our younger allotmenteers enjoying their new table and chair kindly donated by one of their neighbours. We love to see items being reused and donated on our sites.

Time for a tea break!

Posted 6th July 2021


Please click here to read the Committee’s brand new newsletter with some great updates from all the sites around the town!

Posted 13th June 2021


Plot holders at Lordsmead were egg-static to find a new resident this week!


Following consultation with Chippenham Town Council a plan has been put into place to reduce the risk of flooding at Lords Mead Allotments. Please see letter that was sent to all plot holders at Lords Mead for more information (link will open in a new window).

Posted 25th May 2021


5 thoughts on “News & Information

  1. Hi All – I am new to the gardening game, and not an official member of this site/forum yet, but have recently built a couple of modest raised beds to grow veg in my rear garden etc.
    Can anyone please advise where the best place/lowest price to get reasonable soil locally is (to fill 2 x beds each approx 8ft long x 3ft wide x 1ft deep), also some bags of compost and free/cheap manure to start my project off… please?
    Eg – Is the free manure opposite Abbeyfield School still available?
    Any advice warmly welcome.
    Kind Regards


    • Evening Darren,

      Thank you for your message.
      We haven’t been told the manure is all gone so we assume there is still some available, unfortunately we aren’t always told when things run out so fingers crossed. Most of the garden centres around the area offer good quality compost/manure for a decent price, Langley Nursery (01249 758271) usually have a great selection and will be incredibly helpful. There are farmers who will deliver manure but it is usually in very large quantities so may not be suitable for a smaller project!

      Good luck and happy gardening!


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