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Posted 13th June 2021


Plot holders at Lordsmead were egg-static to find a new resident this week!


Following consultation with Chippenham Town Council a plan has been put into place to reduce the risk of flooding at Lords Mead Allotments. Please see letter that was sent to all plot holders at Lords Mead for more information (link will open in a new window).

Posted 25th May 2021


We have been notified by Chippenham Town Council that there will be no increase in allotment fees for 2021/2022

Posted 25th May 2021


Open to all CGAS members

As things are slowly returning to some sort of normality, the Society plans to hold a ‘Best Allotment’ competition this year albeit in a slightly different format which reflects the variation in allotment holders experience and to, hopefully, give more allotment holders the opportunity to be successful.

There are three categories/classes for differing levels of allotment gardening and experience: Novice, Intermediate and Expert

The categories are defined as follows: 

Novice: For anyone who has had an allotment for two years or less and has not previously won a Best Allotment prize.

Intermediate: For anyone who has not previously won a Best Allotment prize.

Expert: For those who have previously won a Best Allotment prize.

There will be two prizes per category (provided there are sufficient entries) to reflect there are some people who are limited in the time they can devote to tending their allotment because they are in full-time employment.

Judging will take place on the 17th/18th July. If you would like to enter your plot please fill out the form below.

Criteria for Allotment Plot judging

Points available
1. Cultivation and Workmanship35
a)  Plot and path well maintained: defined edges to plot and tidy pathways, grass paths cut and edged15
b)  Cleanliness: absence of weeds and litter throughout plot including on uncultivated areas. Canes and other planting aids stored tidily15
c)  The cultivated area shows signs of being regularly hoed, etc.5
2) Cropping50
a)  Variety of crops: 2 points for each type of vegetable, flower or fruit to a maximum of 15 30
b)  Continuity: signs of successive sowing, planting or rotation including winter crops (eg. swede, leeks, sprouts/cabbage)10
c)  Utilisation of space, maximising available space10
3) Quality of Crops20
High level quality, good colour and vigour, little or no weather damage13-20
Medium level, less vigorous, some damage, dead leaves6-12
High levels of damage, poorly grown, weak plants0-5
4) Pests and Diseases20
Steps taken to minimise excessive damage by organic methods such as pinching out the tops of broad beans to inhibit black fly, use of collars or insect mesh to protect against cabbage root fly, barriers against carrot root fly.Plants should not show signs of nutrient deficiency
Low incidence of pests and diseases13-20
Medium level6-12
High level0-5
5) Structures (Sheds, polytunnels, cloches, plant supports)5
Condition of structures and appropriate use(Those without structures should not be disadvantaged)
6) Recycling, Environmentally friendly practices20
a)  Compost heaps/boxes, evidence of active use. Use of recycled materials instead of new, creative use of recycled materials, rainwater water collection and conservation10
b)  Any additional noteworthy features, eg. overall appearance, wildlife features, bird boxes, pond, etc:10
Maximum number of points: 150

Posted 13th May 2021

4 thoughts on “News & Information

  1. Hi All – I am new to the gardening game, and not an official member of this site/forum yet, but have recently built a couple of modest raised beds to grow veg in my rear garden etc.
    Can anyone please advise where the best place/lowest price to get reasonable soil locally is (to fill 2 x beds each approx 8ft long x 3ft wide x 1ft deep), also some bags of compost and free/cheap manure to start my project off… please?
    Eg – Is the free manure opposite Abbeyfield School still available?
    Any advice warmly welcome.
    Kind Regards


    • Evening Darren,

      Thank you for your message.
      We haven’t been told the manure is all gone so we assume there is still some available, unfortunately we aren’t always told when things run out so fingers crossed. Most of the garden centres around the area offer good quality compost/manure for a decent price, Langley Nursery (01249 758271) usually have a great selection and will be incredibly helpful. There are farmers who will deliver manure but it is usually in very large quantities so may not be suitable for a smaller project!

      Good luck and happy gardening!


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