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Cricketts Lane Christmas Wreath Competition

Congratulations to the winners, Dan will try to catch up with you tomorrow  (or very soon) to hand over your prize.
Thank you to everyone who took part; we hope more of you will wish to do so for the next event!!
The Committee wish you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year and we also wish you a successful and productive year on your allotment.


Food school is a pilot project brought to you by MAD about Waste which is a volunteer-led community group based in Chippenham (Wiltshire). We work in close partnership with Zero Chippenham.

Food School is a pilot project in Chippenham (Wiltshire) aimed at teenagers and families. The aim of Food School is to:

  • tackle food waste
  • raise awareness of environmental issues relating to food (ie the carbon, chemical and water footprint of our food choices)
  • highlight social issues such as food and nutritional poverty and ‘holiday hunger’
  • gain basic skills in growing some soft fruits, veg and herbs on an allotment; and 
  • gain basic skills in meal preparation and cooking some simple, nutritious and good value meals.

The provisional dates for Food School are a weekend in Summer/early Autumn (exact dates to be confirmed). Part of the course may be delivered online.

Food School may be of interest to young people completing their Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme(s) and/or young people with an interest in the food industry or in social or environmental work.

Food School is brought to you by MAD about Waste, which is an environmental community group launched in 2017. MAD about Waste’s primary focus is tackling waste at household level, including food waste.  

Food School is part-funded by Chippenham Community Area Local Youth Network.

Posted 1st January 2021


One of the Society’s members, Teodora Yankova, has done a lot of research to find a charity willing and able to accept donations of fresh fruit and vegetables. This topic has been discussed on a number of occasions at the society meetings. She has been in touch with a local food support initiative by St Peters Church called Foodbox where they support people in need with food supplies. They would be very happy to receive fruit and veg donations from our society allotments. If you would like to be involved making donations of fresh fruit and veg either now or later in the season please contact the society and we will put you in touch with Teodora.

Horse manure available

One of our members has pointed us towards the website Freegle where free horse manure is being advertised. It is available to collect from the farm opposite Abbeyfield School, make sure you bring your own bags or a trailer! Called Gate Farm, it is part of the old Toll House on the corner as you turn off London Road to go to Abbeyfield School or Stanley Park sports ground. It is the last entrance on the right before the sports ground, as long as the gates are open then it is accessible.

Seed Appeal

Thank you to one of our members for drawing our attention to this…

In response to the global Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, the Lemon Tree Trust are focused on distributing food and flower seeds to people in refugee and IDP camps in Kurdistan who are coping with Government enforced curfews and self-isolation at their shelters. If any of our members have spare seeds that they would like to donate please visit their website to find out more!

Posted 27th July 2020

4 thoughts on “News & Information

  1. Hi All – I am new to the gardening game, and not an official member of this site/forum yet, but have recently built a couple of modest raised beds to grow veg in my rear garden etc.
    Can anyone please advise where the best place/lowest price to get reasonable soil locally is (to fill 2 x beds each approx 8ft long x 3ft wide x 1ft deep), also some bags of compost and free/cheap manure to start my project off… please?
    Eg – Is the free manure opposite Abbeyfield School still available?
    Any advice warmly welcome.
    Kind Regards


    • Evening Darren,

      Thank you for your message.
      We haven’t been told the manure is all gone so we assume there is still some available, unfortunately we aren’t always told when things run out so fingers crossed. Most of the garden centres around the area offer good quality compost/manure for a decent price, Langley Nursery (01249 758271) usually have a great selection and will be incredibly helpful. There are farmers who will deliver manure but it is usually in very large quantities so may not be suitable for a smaller project!

      Good luck and happy gardening!


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