Sell, Swap, Donate

This page is for gardening items for sale, swaps or simply just to give away (for example tools, plants, sheds etc).  Please contact the Society by email at giving details of your items for sale and contact information to enable anyone interested to get in touch with you.

Guinea pig manure – free to collect

I numerous guinea pigs and on a weekly basis have bags of waste which may be of use to help boost your compost heap. I can separate the shavings from the bedding which will consist of hay, sometimes a tiny amount of barley straw, any greens not eaten i.e. carrots, kale etc. and most importantly lots of pig poo which is in pellet form. I am just off the Malmesbury Road and it is available weekly. If shavings are wanted as well the quantity will be 12 extra large black refuse bags weekly.
It’s currently taken to the recycling centre but I’d rather it be recycled.

If you are intrested, please leave a reply for Jackie at the end of our homepage here.

Redland School help with setting up a polytunnel

The Redland Chippenham primary school needs help to put up a 12×15 ft polytunnel. If you can lend them a hand, please email Katharine Thompson at: