There are six allotment sites in Chippenham managed by the Chippenham Gardens & Allotment Society, the map below shows the locations. If you have any queries please email


At present there are six allotment sites situated in several locations around the town that are managed by the Garden & Allotment Society. The sites are in the following locations:

(click map to enlarge)


10 thoughts on “Sites

  1. I made an enquiry about 3 weeks ago regarding whether there was any allotments free at Crickett’s Lane. I have not heard back and wondered if you had my email. Regards Jackie Ahearn.


    • Afternoon Julie,

      Unfortunately there are no vacancies at Cricketts Lane currently. If you fill out the contact form here you will be added to the waiting list and notified when a plot becomes available. If you would consider another site(s) as well this might reduce the wait time as Cricketts Lane is a very popular site.


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